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Think about all the times you felt uncomfortable. The first day at a new school. Starting a new job. A blind date. Or the coup de grâce, sitting in the front row of a stand up comedy show. In the aftermath of Super Bowl commercials, I was inspired by a particular “squirmy” commercial from the MTV Movie awards featuring comic Amy Schumer.

I’ve been on the fence about Amy Schumer. There are times when she’s quite brilliant, and other times when I think she leans a little too heavily on shock.  It’s definitely a tastebuds thing. And in the generations that have followed Richard Pryor and George Carlins “7 Dirty Words you can’t say on television”, Schumer may still come off as tame by contemporary standards.
Especially when you watch this two minute Trojan tribute to 50 Shades of Grey. (You knew something like this was coming).

Not for prime time TV, but perfect for the retargeted YouTube audience.

Audrey Plaza got a lot of press for her NewCastle Brown Ale ads. There was no talk of shooting ping pong balls out of orifices, but it brought sarcasm to a new level. And I’m always happy to go there. Just as I am with the shiny new ad they released this week. The hype ad for NEXT year’s Super Bowl, which isn’t even produced yet, but will be…umm super super cool.

On a closing note, if you’ve followed the character of Wil Wheaton playing Wil Wheaton on the Big Bang Theory, you’ll enjoy Wil and his twin brother Bil (with one L) for NewCastle Brown Ale. Is anyone else thirsty right now?

CREDITS – MTV Awards Commercial
Client: MTV
SVP, Creative MTV: Amy Campbell
EVP, Marketing MTV: Tina Exarhos
Creative Director: Noah Phillips
Copywriters: Neil Casey, Kim Caramelle, Jessi Klein, Christine Nangle
Copywriter: Amy Schumer
Art Director: Lance Russoff
Production Companies: Backyard; Outer Borough
Director: Kim Nguyen
Executive Producer: Kris Walter
Line Producer: Janie Brown Kelly
Directors of Photography: Aaron Phillips, Joe Arcidiacono
Editing: Cosmo Street; Great City Productions
Editor: Tiffany Burchard


About the author:

Tim McLarty - Ontrack Communications Toronto

Tim McLarty is a writer, performer and creative director working out of video creative boutique, Ontrack Communications. In his spare time he lifts peoples egos with his embarrassing tennis game and comes up with new excuses for why he’s still a Toronto Maple Leaf fan.

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