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Finding a rare clip decades old often feels akin to finding a gold nugget while walking the dog. But chances are you’ll have better luck finding the nugget than a clip of Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchuks. Today’s blog was inspired by a viral that a friend shared a while back. The title was “Bruce Lee plays pingpong with nunchuks”. When you first watch it you can’t believe your eyes. And in fact, it never happened. What did happen was a brilliantly planned and produced studio shoot featuring a Bruce Lee look a like and a lot of post wizardry by JWalter Thompson back in 2008. The end result was a clip that has 12 million views.

It was a brilliant idea. For the full story on how it was made check out the link on Snopes. And its popularity even inspired spoofs. Here’s one from a group of young men who wanted to have some fun. And drew 129,000 views as of this writing.

A few years back another sports viral blasted across the web. Roger Federer did viral stunt video for his sponsor Gillette. Here it is.

This one, however is still in play. When asked if it was studio trickery or not, Federer replied “A magician never reveals his tricks right?”. Having watched Federer a handful of times live, I’m not saying it’s impossible. The real trick would be finding someone willing to be on the receiving end of the shot, for the takes that didn’t work out. Four years later, this viral remains a mystery.

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