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Have you ever watched a video or looked at a website on a friend’s computer and commented how it didn’t look anything like that on yours? It’s likely one of two things.  Either your monitor isn’t calibrated properly or the problem is your friend’s computer.

Unfortunately you can’t personally go around and ensure every monitor in the world is calibrated properly.  The good news however is that the majority of Macintosh monitors are adjusted for proper colour gamma and that makes for a lot of screens in 2014.

But how do you know yours is working properly and seeing the same colours as the majority of the rest of the world?  Do some simple tests.

greyscale image to measure your monitors effectiveness

greyscale image to measure your monitors effectiveness

Do any of the squares above appear to be the same? In this graphic, each square represents a 10 % change in tonal density. If you can’t see the variation in the greys, you will also be missing out on a wide range of colour variations too.

Below you’ll see 32 shades/variations of various colours.  The intensity of each color should increase uniformly from black to maximum brightness. None of the hues should change with intensity if your monitor is calibrated properly.




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