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Super Bowl 49 is coming up February 1.  That gives advertisers a few weeks to tease their commercials.   Remember the pre-internet? When companies could keep their commercial underwraps and you wouldn’t see it until the actual game?   Those days are long gone.

Smart companies have realized when you’re going to spend 4.5 million dollars for 1 commercial, and possibly another million to produce it, you’re going to squeeze every last ounce of mileage from it.  That’s what Pepsi is doing this year.

Check the teaser featuring Katie Perry.

Unicorns and adorable kittens. It reminds me of the Jen Annison Sex Tape commercial from 2011 that has since racked up 17 million hits.

Every year Doritos has a competition where they challenge filmmakers to create a commercial for Doritos. Then it’s voted on in social media and the winner actually airs during the big game. Here is one of the leading contenders this year.

And my favourite so far – “Parks and Recreation’s” Aubrey Plaza is featured in the Newcastle Ale Brand of Brands promotion. It’s billed as advertising altruism. “Football is a team sport. Now marketing is too! ” The campaign is totally tongue in cheek. (literally – see the Aubrey and cowboy segment). It’s fun, and irreverent. And Aubrey was the perfect choice for this. Enjoy.

Any Superbowl teasers you’ve seen you’d care to share? Remember, it’s nice to share. Especially since marketing is now a team sport.

About the author:

Tim McLarty - Ontrack Communications Toronto

Tim McLarty is a writer, performer and creative director working out of video creative boutique, Ontrack Communications. In his spare time he lifts peoples egos with his embarrassing tennis game and comes up with new excuses for why he’s still a Toronto Maple Leaf fan.

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