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A few weeks ago we featured the highly touted John Lewis ads.  We continue with a seasonal look around at who’s getting noticed.  Auto manufacturers still want their fair share of notice and holiday spending.  Here is an ad for the Audi holiday event.


A few weeks ago we posted the first ad in the battle of Britain ad wars.  The penguin commercial, or “advert” as the Brits call it was for John Lewis department stores.  It turns out McVities biscuits has also been very popular in the commercial sharing category.   The new ad carries on with their tradition of squeezing every cute, viral worthy, fluffy pet into a commercial so it is shared many times over by anyone who’s every watched a cute kitty video.

They’re almost shameful in their use of cute, cuddly critters to pull in clicks and eyeballs, but that’s what it’s all about right?  This ad was created by Grey London and the master brand strategy launched at the beginning of this year has helped them claim 30% of the biscuit market.

And finally, the Poopouri ads that have gotten so much talk.  They have no shame when it comes to poo-puns but the campaign has been enormously successful in promoting the product that “masks” the lumps of coal left behind by Santa.



Agreed, no ad Pulitzer’s up for grabs here. But if sales success triumphs good taste then these are a tremendous success.  And BYU grad Bethany Woodruff’s career has gone from the crapper to .. well..a well paid crapper.    And she’s laughing all the way to the loo.

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