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Types of Web Video

Explainer Videos

There are two types of Explainer Videos:

  1. Live action – We organize a professional shoot at your place of business and show how your product works.
  2. Animated – These can be all animation or a combination of animation and live action.


When you have a software demonstration we record your software in use and supplement with graphics and editing for a primo presentation.

Culture Videos

A live action video that captures people and activity at your company and gives the potential customer an idea of what sets you apart.


Live testimonials with pleased clients/customers. Nothing is more powerful than real people loving your product.

Animated Videos

Either all animation or a combination of live action and animation to illustrate products in use or entertain as only animation can.

Instagram Videos

Companies from GE to Wendy’s are posting 15 sec videos on their Instagram pages and repurposing in other social platforms to share their product news or build brand.

Vine Videos

Yes it’s only 6 seconds but it ensures additional impressions.

Online Commercials

Online commercials are rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing areas of online video. Commercials specifically for online through promoted online campaigns are generating millions of views, impressions and conversions.

Video Destinations

YouTube Promoted Videos

These are paid methods through your Google Adwords account.

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Programmatic Promoted Videos

Most companies today are investing in this method of purchasing video placement through various programmatic channels. You enter the crucial information that helps you drill down and a mixture of algorithms and human interaction create pin point targeting.

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Organic Placement

You upload the video to all places that make sense and promote through your social and existing referral channels. With proper tagging this creates essential lift in your over all program.

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For web/broadcast commercials our pricing varies depending on the requirements. Please call or email your ideas and we’ll respond immediately with responsible pricing to bring your video and broadcast dreams to life.

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