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Types of Video Blogs

Level 1

You want a professional, no non-sense video to introduce yourself to the world and to search crawlers. This doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but is still very effective.

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Level 2

A very polished finished video that immediately sends the message that you are serious about your look and your brand. The talent is moved from side to side, with multiple angles and text moving in and out in a “see and say” style to hammer home important points your customers and clients should know.

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Level 3

If you’re doing an explanation video you’ll need animated graphs and digital motion animations that accompany your talking talent. We provide the highest level visual effects to clearly explain in a way text can not.

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Already have scripts?

We’ll do minor editing to make them video friendly at no additional cost. Need scripts and content strategies created from scratch? Click over to Script and Content Services.

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