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Our Video Services

Professional Video Blogs

If you’re comfortable on camera and want to promote yourself, we make it easy to tell your story in your own video from your office or our green screen studio.

Want someone else to host?  Let us present on camera host options for you to choose from.

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Web Video

Looking for professional talent to host your video blogs or messaging? We have plenty of talent to choose from.

Have something different in mind? Toronto is an international film hub of talent and we can resource someone to fit your precise vision.

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Scripts and Content Writing

If your writing team is already working to capacity on your content marketing, our writers are experts at working in a team environment to create the video content scripting that will complement your existing resources.

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YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing provides a powerful, inexpensive way for your client or your company to  brand or market their business. We provide complete YouTube video marketing services helping you coordinate,  produce and promote your video content.

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LinkedIn Enhanced Brand Program

Introduce yourself through a professional video that you embed into your Linked In profile.  Let us create showcase banners and video to further enhance your company products and give you a competitive advantage in B2B marketing.

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