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The Team


Creative Director

Social Video Wizards was born from 16 years of professional video production through Ontrack Communications Inc. Founded by Tim McLarty, SVW continues the tradition of fun, targeted video to educate, sell and entertain.


Lead Digital Designer

Lead digital designer Heronymo Allen oversees the visual brand architecture (a fancy way of saying he makes sure everything looks great). His superior skills in web design and development enable our clients to find countless ways to make their video sell across numerous online platforms. In his spare time he is an actor and avid golfer.


Lead Videographer

Lucian Vasile leads up the videography team. He labours over every second of live video shot, ensuring the shots are carefully planned, edited, colour corrected and look amazing. In his spare time he is an experimental film maker and has mastered the art of planning and shot acquisition so every commercial shines.

How We Work

1. Concept

The foundation of any great video is a creative, engaging story. With hundreds of videos under our belt, we’ll write a script that effectively communicates your message.

2. Storyboard

With the right concept and message in place, we’ll sketch up a storyboard that explains our vision for the video scene-by-scene. This is where the story really starts to come alive.

3. Style

An explainer video should be unique to your business and accurately reflect your brand. That’s why we create every single video from scratch using custom illustration and design.

4. Voice Over

If you have an important message to deliver, you want to have the right person delivering it. We let you choose a voice from our curated selection of professional voice talent.

5. Production

We collaborate with some of the most talented animators and videographers in the industry. But don’t take our word for it, check out our work to see the difference.

6. Sound

It’s the little things that count, and when it comes to video, sound design makes all the difference. We find the perfect song and sound effects to make your explainer video shine.

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