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What is video blogging?

Blogging is the art/science of creating online video content with the purpose of promoting you, your business, and your google rankings.  There is some general confusion between what we call a video blog verses an online video.  The purpose is the same.  You want to populate your website and the internet with keyword intensive text and video content that establishes you as a leader in your industry.  And you want the video blogs to also drive conversion (sales) traffic to your landing pages and website.  A video blog is not just someone speaking into the camera about a product or service.  It can also be a carefully written and produced, purpose driven video.  Either production style should be part of a preconceived video strategy.

For our purposes we have simplified them into two broad categories.

Industry Generic

A blog is created to promote a specific industry, with the intention of posting that blog on sites such as Ezine, Youtube, How To and more, heavily tagging those video blogs and having them come up when people type matching key phrases into a search engine. This works two ways. It creates awareness for a particular aspect of your industry, and it creates a “quality backlink” to your site which promotes traffic and an enhanced profile on google rankings.

Here’s an example:

Your company creates window caulking. You create a video blog promoting the importance, and money saving features of caulking all your windows and doors. Inside that video article is a backlink leading to your site.

Business Specific

You realize the power of the web, and video, and have committed to creating online video messaging and commercials the promote you and your business on your website and on various video sharing sites like VideoJug and Youtube.


Business Specific videos are varied. You could have a video of one of our professional talent walking on to your web page and welcoming visitors. You could greet visitors with your own personalized, branded greeting. You could create a variety of individual videos that explain various aspects of your business or service.

Why is social video important?

We’re in a video generation. Over 80% of web visitors regular click on video links to learn, be entertained and gather content. And when it comes to online video, video enables you to sell your business or service in a more effective way. And it greatly enhances your company’s position on google rankings.

Does video boost my website on Google rankings?

Absolutely. Google owns YouTube. Because Google owns YouTube, videos originating from the site rank very high in the search engines. Google uses a highly-guarded, secret algorithm to determine the ranking of YouTube videos similar to the one used for Web page ranking. This system determines the authority of a video channel or Web page. The higher your YouTube video is ranked, the higher its authority and the higher it will appear in a key word search.

How do I increase the popularity of my video?

The most important rule, create meaningful content. Ensure it’s well written, as concise as possible, and relevant to your target audience.

The first step is to perform some key word research to determine how people search for the content in your video.

Then, search on YouTube using these key words.

Look at the highest ranking videos that come up and note the key words used and other content on their channel page.

Leave meaningful comments on these channels. This will create YouTube back-links to your YouTube video channel, thus increasing your video’s exposure and popularity.

Using social networking platforms effectively to promote your business requires constant updating and promotional activities. It can add up to many hours of work outside of core business operations, but when done properly, the value added in the form of brand awareness and authority are priceless.

Is video tagging complicated?

Not really, but it does involve research to ensure you choose the proper key word groupings and descriptions as compared to your competitors. One of the common mistakes is to load a video with little or no tagging, leaving the video on an island waiting for visitors to stumble into it.

How important is length?

Extremely important. This is an age of immediacy. People will give your video about 10 seconds before they determine it’s taking too long to “get there”. Your writing needs to be focused and concise and you need to ensure your video is respectful of the viewers time. Long, rambling video messaging not only sees great viewer drop off, it can be counter productive to your brand leaving the viewer with an annoyed feeling.

Make the length of your video directly proportional to where your viewer is in the buyer’s cycle.  If someone is learning about you for the first time, you want to quickly give them a reason to delve deeper into your site and video marketing material.  If they are watching a video that is shared after they have already spent some time on your site, or landing page, it means they are closer to a buying decision and are dedicated to a longer message to determine if your company is the right choice.  We go through all of this with you in your initial video strategy development.

Should I produce my own video?

It all depends on the purposes of the video. And we’ll be completely honest. “Gorilla run and gun video” has its’ place. People can often appreciate the primitive nature of a video with simple, and seemingly spontaneous production values. It seems more real, more from the heart. However, if you are creating a welcome video on your main site or Youtube channel, you want your first impression to be professional and tightly edited to achieve maximum lift.

Our feeling is, anything that has your corporate presence attached to it, needs to be carefully strategized and visually branded; even the “run and guns”.

I want to do self-hosted video blogs. How should I dress?

Simply look your best and wear what’s appropriate to your viewing audience and target market. Just be mindful of the background. To make sure you stand out wear clothing that contrasts with what’s behind you. As well, if you’re filming a green or blue screen shoot, don’t wear green or blue as those colours will be removed in the editing process.  Also, even in the age of 4K and up definition, complex patterns can be distracting.  

What’s better? A head shoulders video blog or full body?

They are two different approaches. And there’s no right or wrong answer. The full body has more production values and generally involves cutting to the head shoulders view once you’ve established. Remember that eye contact is very important and if time or budget restraints are in place, opt for a closer angle on your face and eyes.

Should I write a script or go off the cuff?

At SocialVideoWizards we prefer a more structured approach. Writing scripts ahead of time and using a teleprompter is preferred. But we coach clients and talent to be as natural as possible and rehearse a few times. If it’s important enough to put into a video blog, it’s important enough to run through it a few times prior to recording.

For our Answer Edit technique, it’s all discussed previously, but spontaneously shot once the camera is rolling. The editing becomes the key for this method.

How do I focus my script?

With our Script Writing suite, we ask pointed questions and give examples so you don’t stray too far off the course.

Keep in mind you may want to consider a top level theme and a series of blogs supporting that top level theme. For example, if you’re a realtor you may want to do an entire series on the importance of Staging and have a series of blogs that show various separate staging examples throughout the house.

What type of video should I produce?

It depends on your type of business and your objectives.  Click here to see all the common video types with examples. B2B and B2C often have different targets and require a different feel and video strategy.  Click on this page for additional examples.   For a software company an overall explainer video is probably the best choice.  Someone with a series of products that have various features, for example, an assisted device supplier, would be best served doing a variety of how to videos demonstrating how each product works. We look at your objectives and choose video that creates the highest rate of return and build from there.

Should I pay to promote my video?

Most definitely.  But only after you have completed your free organic video optimizing.  Don’t spend one dollar before you have your strategy in place to create a premium, action defined experience in your organic (free) Youtube and social sharing set up.    It’s like hiring a flashing sign that sits at the edge of the road beckoning people into your business, but you don’t have the showroom set up yet.  You have one chance to make a positive first impression.  Once you have your ground work in place, a website/landing page in place and clear conversion objectives, most definitely pay to have your video(s) drawing traffic in to increase exposure and sales.  We work with clients to structure this out ahead of time with goals reaching ahead and well thought out.  Our experts will help you set up your video placement and buying campaign so you can follow its success and adjust results from the second you launch the campaign.

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