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Video has become the new silver bullet for marketing managers and agencies who want to drive brand awareness and sales quickly.
Here are a couple of eye opening statistics on the impact of video for improving marketing goals.

  • When integrated into an email campaign the click through rate increases 2 to 300%.(Forrester Research)
  • The average user spends 88% more time on a website where video is present.(MistMedia)
  • Landing pages with a video increase conversion by up to 80% (Unbounce)

Video is no longer the quiet secret for smart online marketers.  It’s now an essential part of every complete strategy.   Here are 10 essential tips that should be part of your video marketing mix.

Insert your own corporate identity to your YouTube channel to "own it"

Insert your own corporate identity to your YouTube channel to “own it”

1. YouTube.  This is not exactly a secret.  YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine in the world after Google.  And Google happens to own YouTube so they integrate perfectly with each other.  Videos start ranking almost immediately.  If you don’t have a lot of video inventory, still get your channel set up.  You can subscribe and share with other channels to start building an online video footprint.  Don’t forget to brand your channel.  YouTube allows you to customize the look and feel so you can really own that channel.

2. Also include the blog script.  You’ll want to create all your videos around your most sought after keywords.  In order for the search crawlers to work their maximum magic, you’ll want those keywords to be readily available for crawling as text.  Insert it below the video in the provided space.

3. Citations.  Be sure to add a citation to your video description.  You’ll want to list your business name, address, and contact number exactly as they appear for your business across the web. Google will categorize these mentions as a form of backlink to your business website. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this step for SEO.                                              

4. Send them to a keyword Landing Page.   Provide a landing page link in the video description text.  The point of video marketing is to funnel your prospect into a page is best suited to create a goal conversion.  Yes you can send them to the home page of your website, but why not direct them to a page that specifically addresses what the visitor is interested in.  Besides, any links to your domain from your videos is regarded as a positive with the search crawlers.

5. Add a well thought out video title.  This seems like a no-brainer but the title is key for coming up in searches.  And you want to ensure the title is relevant to the information you’re providing.  No one likes a misleading title that doesn’t deliver the goods when they take the time to watch your video.  Target a particular keyword in the title and place those keywords at the beginning of the title.  It’s not unusual to place your phone number in a title if you’re going for hyper local marketing.

6. Add a link to your video description.  This seems redundant.  Why would you place a link inside the description text for the video you are already watching?  This is one of those unexplainable algorithm things that just works.  When technology connects with content, it doesn’t always make sense, but in some round about way it adds extra juice to your video with crawlers.

7. List your location in the settings  options.  So many businesses look for local seo opportunities.  This is an easy way for crawlers to give your video a boost over those who take a pass on this one simple setting.  Tell YouTube where the business resides and it will give your local SEO a boost.  Look for this under “advanced settings”.
Use a consistent video host
8. Use a consistent host.  With our programs we provide consistent hosts for clients to use for all of their videos.  The host becomes branded to your business and creates familiarity and continuity.  An added advantage, when it makes sense, is to host the videos yourself.  If you have the personality to do this, you should definitely grab the reigns and own your video brand.

9. Create Video BackLinks.  Establishing links to your videos from other sources takes time. But quality content is the fastest way to bridge a link relationship with other sites.  The higher the regard for those sites, the more lift you’ll get from the search crawlers.  This will definitely result in more traffic and more conversions.

10. Be consistent with your brand.  If you establish a video logo animation, ensure it comes up consistently the same way in either the intro, or extro or both.  People subconsciously want to feel familiarity when starting to connect themselves to a brand.  Stick to your brand identity colours and fonts and hold to the same standards for your video blogs as you do to any other visual branding.

Video marketing has arrived.  Appying the tips above will aid greatly in the marketing effectiveness of any video you produce and post.  Why produce it if you’re not going to tell the world, or more importantly your best customer candidates in your own backyard.



About the Author    Tim McLarty owns video & web creative shop Ontrack Communications, helping companies tell and distribute their stories through broadcast, social media & responsive web and local marketing targeting strategies. In his spare time he makes short films and dreams of the day when there will be play-off hockey in Toronto.






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